Places of Interest

Temple of Katyayani Devi (Kathari Devi)

Famous Katariyani Devi Temple of Kanpur Dehat,  is situated in Kathri village, in the south, 6 kilograms from Shahjahanpur village, which is in the rugged northern region of Yamuna river from Mughal road. The distance of this temple from Tehsil headquarters Bhoganipur is 16 kms. In the last two decades, this temple has been the site of faith of Yamuna’s rugged bandit gangs. A temple named Mauni Baba has renovated this temple. A big fair is held in this temple at Navaratri. There are devotees of nearby districts. It is said that because of the desire to attain children, Pandit Gajadhar of village Shahjahanpur had established the statue of Katyayani Devi in ​​the present temple. The old paved lake on the west side of the temple, the ruins of the Baradari towards the east and the well is located on the north side.

Durvasa Rishi Ashram

The Ashram of Durvasa is located in village Nagoghi , on the banks of the Sengur River, 5 kilometers from the town of Boraur in Block Malasa,. The natural beauty of the ashram is worth seeing. According to people saying, , the Durvasa Rishi came here and performed penance, before the Suryavanshi king Dilip of epic period, and every day used to go to Bithoor (Brahmavarta) to take bath in Ganga. Pleased with his penance, Ganga Mata said that I will come and visit your ashram. Durvasa ji said how will I know that Ganga Mata has come? On which Ganga Mata had said that the bhau tree had grown up. Even today, the tree of the bhau is near the ashram. Chandragupta Vikramaditya had built a magnificent temple at Durvasa Rishi Ashram in the Gupta period of Kalanthar 500 B.C.. But due to the flood of the river, it could not stay for long.