Culture & Heritage

The ancient remains of archaeological importance are scattered in the Kanpur Dehat located in Ganga and Yamuna Doab. A detailed description of Akbar’s regime is found in Abul Fazl’s book ‘Aina-e-Akbari’. The road to the south of Kanpur was known as Mughal Road, which touch with the Moosanagar, Chaparghata, Bhoganipur, Sikandra etc. In the Mughal period, the southern part of the district was in the center of gravity. On the banks of the Yamuna, there was a wide and strong coat of stone in Khwajafool and now the gate and coat are in a collapsing state, and some distance from Yamuna there was Bilaspur, which was the sadar part of pargana, Sikandra progressed on its demise. Sikandra defeated Bilaspur only after being on the Grand Trunk Road of that time. Marathas took control of Amargarh in 1713 near Bilaspur. From here on the place called Pachara, where the ruins of the old fort are found, the name was changed to Ismailnagar. Kishanpur’s fortress has also fallen on some distances from here. There is a famous temple of Kathri or Katayini Devi in Kathri village near Kishunpur, which has a great reputation nearby. Before this, the ancient historical place of Shahpur on 2 miles from Dibair, Taunga Garhi. The stones of stones were excavated here in the railway bridge of Kalpi. In the Mughal period Shahpur was a part of Pargana. There were caves also in Udaipur and Kariyapur near Shahpur. There is a holy place for Muslims named Chara. In front of this, there was a lot of places in Daulatpur, Rasulpur, Nawanwah, Devarhat, in places like Garhiya and Darrapur.