Animal Husbandry

Agriculture and animal husbandry are main occupations in the district.Total number of animals in the district is 5,85,000. Out of which 1.95 lacs are cows, 1.78 lacs buffaloes and 2.12 lacs sheep, goats, pigs and poultry birds. Due to nearness to Kanpur Nagar, demand of animal products including milk is very much. Average milk production in the district is low as compared to state average. Therefore, in order to increase the milk production, there is a great need to implement the schemes such as breeding development, curing of diseases and enriched fodder schemes.

Efforts Required

  1. Milk production shall be enhanced by developing high yielding breeds through artificial insemination in indigenous cows and buffaloes.
  2. Efforts shall be made to enhance the average milk yield in case of cows from presently 2.219 kg per day to 4.50 kg per day and from 2.931 kg per day to 5.00 kg per day in case of buffaloes.
  3. Production of eggs and meat shall be enhanced through modern means of poultry development.
  4. Number of goat breeding centres shall be increased in order to develop high yielding breeds through indigenous breeds.
  5. Production of pork shall be enhanced by developing high yielding breeds of pigs through indigenous breeds.


  • Artificial Insemination & Sterilization Programme, Presently artificial insemination facility in the district is not fully available. Therefore, this facility shall be made available in whole of the district. Apart from this the Fluid Semen centres shall be upgraded to Frozen Semen centres. For this purpose semen collection centres shall be established.
  • Proper schemes shall be formed to make available “Balanced Cattle Feed” and “Green Feed” to the farmers.
  • New hospitals in the district shall be opened in order to provide better facilities to the fertile animals. Each hospitals shall take care of 5000 fertile animals. Apart from this two mobile units and one laboratory shall be established in order to provide better health facilities for the animals.
  • Poultry & Piggry Development, In order to increase the production of poultry and piggry products insemination centres shall be established in the district.
  • Unemployed educated youth in the district shall be imparted trainings regarding animal husbandry techniques through Ambedkar Special Employment Scheme and National Cattle Development Council.

Details of existing and proposed facilities along with expected expenses are as follows.

S.No. Institution Existing(in Lacs)
1. Animal Husbandry Hospital 23
2. Animal Service Centre 56
3. Frozen Insemination Centre 53
4. Piggry Insemination Centre 6
5. Goat Insemination Centre 13
6. Laboratory
7. Semen Collection Centre
8. Mobile Unit