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Designation Officer Name Address Phone No E Mail Dept. Of Appointment & Personnel Link
District Magistrate Sri Alok Singh, I.A.S. Collectorate, Mati, Akbarpur, Kanpur Dehat. 9454417553, 05111-271266(O), 05111-271366(Fax), 05111-271443(R) (Mati) O512-23O466O(R) ,O512-23O4008(R) (Kanpur) dmkan[at]nic[dot]in, Click Here
Chief Development Officer Ms. Lakshmi N, I.A.S. Vikas Bhavan, Mati, Akbarpur, Kanpur Dehat. 9454465006,05111-271229,05111-271396,05111-271383(R) drda-knp[at]nic[dot]in , cdokan[at]nic[dot]in, drdapd-kan[at]nic[dot]in Click Here
Superintendent of Police Shri B B G T S Murti, I.P.S. SP Office, Mati, Akbarpur, Kanpur Dehat. 9454400286, 05111-271211(O) ,05111-271296(R) spknd-up[at]nic[dot]in Click Here
ADM (E) Shri  Amit Kumar – I Collectorate, Mati, Akbarpur, Kanpur Dehat. 9454416410 admekan[at]gmail[dot]com Click Here
ADM(F/R) Shri Keshav Nath Collectorate, Mati, Akbarpur, Kanpur Dehat. 9454417624 admfrkan[at]gmail[dot]com Click Here