Photographs - District Kanpur Dehat

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SWAN Center Photographs
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D.M.            Kanpur Dehat

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C.D.O.            Kanpur Dehat

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Revines at Bhognipur KD

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DM   Addressing Teachers       

SP is welcomed in a village

SP Kanpur Dehat

Cricket match price distribution.

DM With SP Kanpur Dehat

DM with SP Kanpur Dehat

DM With SP in a Village

15 August Senior Officers

Senior Officers attending 15 Aug Function

Hosting of flag by DM Kanpur Dehat

DM at Flag hosting


Minister in flag hosting


DM  distributing prasasti patra              


Minister on 15 August

DM in meeting

DM Taking weekly Meeting

DM taking Selute

DM Taking Selute

DM giving speech

DM Speaking at Meeting

DM at Bank meeting

DM at Flag hosting



DM inaugrating the Free Website of forms

DM inauggrating Freeform website

Jatropha Traing

Traing for Jatropha at a Village

RCH workshop

DM Taking  Meeting

Information deptt. exibition

Exibition By Information Office

Tehsildar sikandara at work

Tehsildar Sikandara at Work

Tehsildar Akbarpur at work

Tehsildar Akbarpur at Work

Tehsildar Rasoolabad at work

Tehsildar Rasoolabad at Work

Chief Treasury Officer at work

Chief Treasury Officer  at Work

Treasury Employees at Work

Treasury Employee at Work

DM giving drop of polio to children

Pulse Poli Drop by DM

Court Staff and DIO

District Court Staff

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