The Polling Personnel module is very sensitive module as it has a lot of importance to the elections Process. If this module is taken care of well then the election process is smooth and easy.
       Polling Personnel 
    • Database of employees with mobile no,Bank Name with branch name
      with a/c is created
    • Duty Allotment is done with a random program with full transparency
    • The Polling Personnel are well trained. The three Trainings are given
      in small batches
    • The Movement plan is designed in such a manner that the employee is
      least moved
    • Polling Stations are visible in the Handsets od Polling Personnel.
    • By a SMS on the movement day - the polling person gets his
      Polling Station name.

    The Help line Number of the district is 271271 and anybody can reach
    DEO/District officials with the help of this number.